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Naosu Healthy Herbal Tea

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Naosu Healthy Herbal Tea

Naosu is carefully crafted to create a perfectly balanced blend of herbal infusion that are both unique and healthy. Each flavour is designed with a speciafic function in mind and freshly brewed for you with no artificial colouring, sweetener or flavouring.

Whitening Rose Tea 
- Whitening and Anti-Aging -

Whitening Rose Tea is designed with your beauty in mind. Each herb is carefully selected to create a beauty elixir that brightens, hydrates and revitalises the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Ingredients: Rose, Barley, Lily Bulb, Ophiopogon Root, Honeycomb Sugar 

Ginseng Boost Tea
- Immune & Energy Booster -

Ginseng Boost tea is designed to boost your immune system, improve blood circulation and replenish your body mind and spirit with the necessary energy for a refreshing and energetic start of the day.

Ingredients: Ginseng Root, Cordyceps, Goji Berry, Red Dates, Honeycomb Sugar.

  • 100% Fresh ingredients
  • No preservative
  • No colouring
  • Brew to perfection

Weight: 350gm per bottle

Shelf Life: 6 months 

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