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Hecha Kombucha_Green Tea Kombucha Series [350 ml]

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Hecha Kombucha_Green Tea Kombucha Series [350 ml]

Hecha kombucha is freshly made locally in Malaysia, infused with fresh fruits, and natural ingredients that is satisfying to your taste buds and your gut! At Hecha we handcraft our cultures in small batches, do things a little differently and we believe we’ve created a kombucha like nothing you’ve ever tasted. We love big flavours, as much as we appreciate balance & quality. Our kombucha is flavoured with locally sourced and seasonal produce, with flavour as our number one priority.


in our world today, tea is the second most consumed beverage after water itself. we absolutely love drinking tea (喝茶). the deeper you dive into it, the more you are able to broaden your horizons and enjoy new variations. there is something so comforting and calming about brewing and drinking tea. not only is it delicious, but it is also very healthy.


days of lime and soda are over, bubble-tea or sugary carbonated drinks just won't do. with the purpose of offering a new drinking experience, we set out to create with originality and we deliver it all with innovative flavours. thus, we present hecha's kombucha for your enjoyment. everything is made in small batches from our home in kuala lumpur.

Sharing on making Kombucha.

We handcraft our kombucha by brewing a giant pot of organic sweet tea, adding beneficial yeast & bacteria in the form of a S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast) & let ferment for 10-14 days. Here at Hecha kombucha, we use the fresh fruits and natural ingredients to create our flavor profiles and allow the brew to mature for several more days.

Introduce our flavour choice.

We have kombucha that make with organic black tea base. The flavours are Original, Roselle, Ginger. Besides that, there’s also a range of kombucha with organic green tea base. The flavours are Apple & Blue Pea Flower, Chrysanthemum & Longan, Orange & Kaffir Lime Leaves. 

Our Green Tea Kombucha series is traditionally brewed with organic green tea. This naturally carbonated beverage contains essential vitamins as well as beneficial bacteria & yeast. It also produces healthy acids that help the body to reestablish.

Apple & Blue Pea Flower
Organic tea leaves, water, organic cane sugar, kombucha culture, apple, blue pea flower.
Orange & Kaffir Lime Leaves
Organic tea leaves, water, organic cane sugar, kombucha culture, orange, kaffir lime leaves.
Chrysanthemum & Longan
Organic tea leaves, water, organic cane sugar, kombucha culture, chrysanthemum buds, dried longan.

Shelf Life: 3 MONTHS (Chilled & Fragile)

Packaging:  Clear Plastic Bag

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