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Herbs n Fruit Lemon Chuan Bei Tangerine Tea Paste [340g]

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Lemon Chuan Bei Tangerine Tea Paste [340g] 川贝陈皮柠檬膏 

This refreshing Lemon Chuan Bei Tea is homemade using all-natural, organic ingredients, without a single drop of chemical additives and preservatives. It is effectively and traditionaly used for : 

  • Treating cough 
  • Reduce phlegm 
  • Improve digestion  
  • Clear body heat ( especially suitable for night owl) 
  • Soothe dry throat and lung  
  • especially suitable for smokers, teachers who need to teach and speak for long hours,  .... etc

Add 1-2 teaspoonsl of tea paste to a cup of warm water, stir well to make a soothing, refreshing and medicinal Lemon Chuan Bei Tea. 

Shelf life:

  • Unopened : keep in a cool dry place, away from heat or direct sunlight.It can last up to 18 months.   
  • Opened: Must keep in the fridge and best consumed in 9 months once opened.

Nett Weight: 340g

Packaging: Glass Jar

100%纯手工制作。 零添加,无危害,无副作用。 使用新鲜食材和珍贵中药材,无水无油,长时间匠心熬煮成膏。   材料:新鲜柠檬,川贝母,新会老陈皮,黄冰糖。  

功效 : 

  • 止咳化痰 滋阴润肺 润喉生津 
  • 清热排毒 美白淡斑  
  • 适合小儿白日咳 
  • 咽喉炎症 喉咙发炎疼痛 
  • 烟酒过多 
  • 时常熬夜
  • 用嗓过度 喉咙沙哑 
  • 肺燥干咳等症  

服用方发 : 用干净小茶匙,取 2-3小匙柠檬茶膏,加入温水攪勻化开,饮用。 一天随意几杯都可以。

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